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Manning Advisors LLC

Assisting our clients to recognize the value of equity

Our Strategy

At Manning Advisors we believe method is critical for success. Our “Rule of Nine” guides our teams through the often challenging assignments we face in creating value for our clients.

Manning Advisors’ Rule of Nine

  1. Define acquisition target criteria, probing areas of flexibility in client requirements.
  2. Assemble a primary, secondary, and tertiary list that meet client criteria.
  3. Approach target organizations confidentially to determine fit with client goals.
  4. Execute non-disclosure agreements among all parties and apply Manning “Rapid Evaluation Process” to assess viability of the target company’s operations and technical value to client.
  5. Manage the due diligence process to safeguard client interests.
  6. Set value via fundamentals and negotiate optimal acquisition package for client.
  7. Facilitate acquisition and establish platform for integration of acquisition into client organization.
  8. Assist with integration as needed.
  9. Redefine new acquisition target list based on character of fully integrated client organization.
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